Indiana University-Southeast, 2011-2014

Digital Advertising

Advertising Media Planning

Advertising Strategies

Introduction to Advertising

Media in the Global Context

Empirical Research

Communication Campaigns

University of Georgia, 2010-2011

Media Planning

Advertising Research

Advertising Management

As a practically-oriented

educator, I am committed

to helping students make the best start they can

in the professional world.  

University of Kentucky, 2014-Present
Digital Analytics and Strategies (Online Graduate)
Quantitative Methods in Communication Research (Graduate)
Digital Strategies
Media and Database Management 

Integrated Strategic Media Management

Research Methods for the ISC Professional

Google Analytics Certified
Google AdWords + Mobile Certified
Inbound Marketing Certified
Real-Time (Programmatic) Advertising
Fundamentals Certified
Quantcast RTA Academy
Presentation U
Faculty Fellows Certificate

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