Indiana University-Southeast, 2011-2014

Digital Advertising

Advertising Media Planning

Advertising Strategies

Introduction to Advertising

Media in the Global Context

Empirical Research

Communication Campaigns

University of Georgia, 2010-2011

Media Planning

Advertising Research

Advertising Management

As a practically-oriented

educator, I am committed

to helping students make the best start they can

in the professional world.  

University of Kentucky, 2014-Present
Digital Strategies
Media and Database Management (Digital/Social Media Analytics)

Integrated Strategic Media Management

Research Methods for the ISC Professional

Quantitative Methods in Communication Research (Graduate)

Google Analytics Certified
Google AdWords + Mobile Certified
Inbound Marketing Certified
Real-Time (Programmatic) Advertising
Fundamentals Certified
Quantcast RTA Academy
Presentation U
Faculty Fellows Certificate

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